Stone Bench preparation work is well in hand

On three consecutive Mondays Jim, Neil and Iwan have been working on the area where our new stone bench will be located, which overlooks the waterfall that drops into the Glen. Iwan managed to procure the foundation materials to ensure a solid base for the bench.  The area has been edged using stout rail sleepers. We have allowed generous access to enable pram and wheelchair users to enjoy this new viewing/seating area.

Studying the job in hand

The work generated a lot of interest from passers – by, who were all very enthusiastic about our plans for the new bench.  We were also delighted to hear that our grant request to Scotmid Co-operative to cover the cost of the bench materials/construction has been successful.  Well done and grateful thanks to Scotmid!  The date of the actual build by the stone waller’s voluntary group is scheduled for Sunday the 28th August.  Why not come along and see them in action?

That fits nicely

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